Winter mono-diet


When composing mono-diet, try to follow the rule of alternating food: one day - carbohydrates, then - vegetables or fruits, after - proteins. One of the days (not before and after the albuminous) is desirable for any dairy product. During a mono-diet for breakfast you can have unsweetened tea.

Principle of nutrition

1 day - 5 large boiled or baked potatoes.

Day 2 - 1 kg of carrots or boiled beets.

3 day - 1 liter kefir, curdled milk or 0.5 liters of natural yogurt.
Day 4 - 2 plates of vegetable vegetable soup, cooked without salt and fats (vegetable including).

Day 5 - 300 g of boiled lean meat or half of boiled chicken without skin.

Day 6 - 1 liter of freshly squeezed juice.

Day 7 - 500 g of any porridge (except pearl barley), boiled on water without sugar, salt and fat.