Morning workouts: good or bad?

Morning workouts
Morning workouts

There is a longstanding opinion among sportsmen that training in the morning is ineffective and that there is no benefit from them.
Is it so terrible training in the morning?
The judgment that the morning training process harms your body is based on the statement: in the morning, the amount of sugar in your blood and muscle fibers is minimal, so in this situation the body is in short supply of energy.

This can be a drawback only for those who want to gain muscle mass, but for those whose goal is weight loss or the acquisition of relief - will only be a plus.
After all, when insulin (sugar) is deficient in the blood, with an additional cardio-load, the body uses fat reserves as the missing energy. However, cardio and strength training should be divided, because the processes of building muscle mass and fat burning can not occur simultaneously.
How to have breakfast before workout in the morning?

For quality training, the body needs a certain amount of glycogen, which it synthesizes from complex carbohydrates (cereals, cereals, bread, etc.). If you do not get enough glycogen, about 100-150 grams, then a sharp decline in sugar and, as a consequence, nausea and dizziness is possible.
Therefore, before you go to a full exercise you should eat for an hour or a half before the exit.
How to train for fat burning in the morning?

Remember that the process of losing weight is quite complex and time-consuming, which requires the presence of a hormone - adrenaline. But insulin and adrenaline are two mutually exclusive hormones, in simple words, in the presence of insulin, the body is very difficult to burn fat cells. Therefore, the first half an hour of cardio, he works by eating carbohydrates.

The most effective training for reducing the percentage of fat deposits is fast walking or slow running.

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