lose weight without hunger strikes

lose weight
lose weight

Meal plan to lose weight or to lose weight without hunger strikes.This method works fine, it is absolutely not harmful, so it can be Stick to at least a lifetime.
As soon as we wake up, we drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Who does not Problems with the stomach, add juice half a lemon, so even better

BREAKFAST (8-9 am)
20 minutes after a glass of water. During a meal you can not drink, drink a meal It is impossible, only for 20 minutes BEFORE and in an hour AFTER Oatmeal porridge, cooked on water (cooked), chopped
Walnuts (3 walnuts or 6 halves), add a pinch of cinnamon,
A tablespoon of liquid honey and a little lemon juice. All carefully Mix, useful porridge is ready.
In it everything that is necessary for the beauty of hair, nails and skin. And this is sooooo Delicious, believe me.
Teach yourself to a similar breakfast, it takes a little time, nourishing and Nutritionally.
After breakfast we do not eat for 2 hours and do not drink an hour.
Snack (10-11 hours)

We drink a glass of water in advance, wait 20 minutes. After you can eat an apple, preferably green, curd fat-free Or yogurt.
After a snack, do not eat for two hours and do not drink an hour.

LUNCH (12-13 hours)
We drink a glass of water, wait 20 minutes.
For lunch, you can afford carbohydrates, but only complex. For example: Pasta from durum wheat in tomato sauce Buckwheat with soy sauce Chicken or turkey with brown rice Baked vegetables.
Look at your taste, the main thing - nothing fried.
Salt - it is undesirable, well, or at minimum and ready-made meals. After dinner, do not drink or eat for 2 hours.

FUN (14-15 hours)
We drink one or two glasses of water, we wait 20 minutes.
Cook the baked apples, it's very tasty and useful. Cut the green apple in half, cut out the core, sprinkle
Half a cinnamon. At the bottom of the baking tray, pour a little water, put Half the apple, and put the pan in the preheated to 200 degrees
Oven for 15 minutes. After sprinkling apples with chopped nuts and Pour honey (optional). Do not drink for an hour.

DINNER (17-18 hours)
1-2 glasses of water, we wait 20 minutes. At dinner, you need something protein, if you are not very hungry, let it be
There will be cottage cheese or an omelet from egg whites if you want something more serious,Prepare a chicken or turkey with vegetables in the oven or a couple. After dinner, hours at 19, excellent time for sports. Exercise
Hall, running, walking, strength training, cardio is something that you are used to doing.
Drink plenty of water during exercise, but remember that after 20 hours It is desirable not to drink water - there will be swelling. After training, within 20 minutes we drink a carbohydrate cocktail. After training, your body will not require food, if you and You want something, you can eat fat-free cottage cheese, but no more,
Than two hours before a dream.
That's all, this power system is considered correct and effective, since Absolutely no hunger, food intake 5 times a day. The most important thing is not to overeat at night, to observe intervals between receptions
Food and water intake, if possible, do not salt or fry food. Eat right!