lose weight by Liquid diet

Liquid diet
Liquid diet

A very interesting and efficient food system, according to which glasses are awarded to each drink. It is advisable to drink all the drinks on the list daily, but you must start with oat broth. Before going to bed - kefir. 
Along with water, tea and coffee without sugar, the volume of liquid drunk should not exceed 3 liters, and the amount of "drunk glasses" - 100-130. Every day liquid food should be alternated with the reception of solid food.
 So you can eat from two weeks to a month. Then - a rational diet with a daily calorie content of food not more than 1500 kcal. The predicted loss weight  is up to 5-7 kg.
1. Oat broth: 1/2 cup oats or oatmeal flakes boil in 1 liter of water, drain the decoction (1 item - 6 points).
2. Vegetable juice mixed with boiled water 1: 1 (1 item - 10 points).
3. Fruit juice, diluted 1/3 with water (1 item - 20 points).
4. Milk (not more than 2% fat content) (1 item - 20 points).
5. Non-fat skimmed meat broth, filtered and unsalted (1 item - 20 points).
6. Weak compote without sugar (1 item - 6 points).
7. Vegetable broth without salt (1 item - 5 points).
8. Kefir (1 item - 10 points).

On the first day of solid food you can only boil vegetables in small quantities. On the second day, in addition to vegetables, allow yourself a plate of oatmeal, a piece of bread, and for dinner - a salad of cabbage and carrots. On the third day you can eat as usual, the only restrictions - nothing greasy, and bread - no more than two pieces, preferably in the form of toast.