How To Pump Up The Buttocks

 Pump Up The Buttocks
 Pump Up The Buttocks

We collected all the exercises for the buttocks, which you can practice at home, using a minimal inventory. With due diligence, your priest, if suddenly she is sad, will soon be cheerful. Forward, for a beautiful view from behind!

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Gluteal muscles of the body are 3 paired muscles: large, medium and small gluteal. The gluteus maximus muscles are the largest muscles of the entire body. It starts at the hip bone, is attached to the back surface of the femur just below the hip joint. The function of this muscle is to unbend the thigh with a slight rotation outwards. When fixing the hip, it deflects the pelvis back.
The middle gluteal muscle begins on the gluteal surface of the ilium, goes into a short broad tendon and is attached to the large trochanter of the thigh.
Small buttock muscle is located under the middle gluteal. The function of all these muscles is the hip abduction.

Workout Features
If you have a small pelvis, and you just need to tighten the buttocks and make them pump up and elastic, choose a workout with large weights. Train 2 times a week, between each training should take at least 2 days. Do 4-5 sets of 5-8 repetitions. If you are after the pain - do not be scared, just take a bath or do cardio.

If you want to make the buttocks visually less, give up the scales or do exercises with small scales. But I have to do it 5-6 times a week. Do 5-6 sets, 18-20 repetitions.
Raising the pelvis with the leg extended
Lie down on the floor, pull your leg up and lift the pelvis, squeezing the muscles. Do 15 repetitions in each approach, 6-8 approaches. To pump the pope more efficiently, the leg can be loaded with a weighting agent with a shot (sold in any sports shop).
If it's hard to do with a raised leg - just raise the pelvis, squeezing the muscles of the buttocks.

Swings back and forth (from the bottom block or to the lever of the simulator)
Fantastically simple exercise - just grab the back of the chair and do the mahi. Just do not machine too fast - on the contrary, it will be more effective to make flies slowly. Do not rest at the bottom of the maha - just start the next swing. At the advanced level and in the gym, connect the bottom block or the simulator for the buttocks to work.
Leaps Forward

The most important exercise for a beautiful priests. For weight loss they are ineffective, as they help to build muscle mass. When they are performed, the small gluteus muscle and the anterior surface of the thigh and lower leg work. Take the dumbbells in your hands, pull your arms along the trunk and proceed to the attacks. You can do them both on the spot, and moving forward in the room. The wider the step, the more gluteal muscles are involved.

- keep the body and back straight;
- the knee of the backward leg should touch the floor;

- Keep hands with dumbbells parallel to the body.


King exercises on the Buttocks, also sit-ups improve the tone of the quadriceps and hamstrings. Pump it like this: first, squat without weight, to avoid stretching and injury.
Technique of squats:

Stand upright, legs slightly wider than shoulders. Squat, pulling the buttocks back and as if sitting down on an invisible chair. Having reached the angle of 90 degrees, rise, also carrying the weight back. Every fourth squat do, lingering for 10-30 seconds at the bottom point.

At an advanced level, take a dumbbell in your hand or squat with a barbell or bodibar. Weights heavily increase the load.
Do 4-5 sets of 10 sit-ups, rest no more than a minute between the approaches. Squats are done deep, the Buttocks must be maximally withdrawn, the back is straight. Squat to the lowest possible position: the lower you squat, the more the buttocks will be involved in the squat. The legs should be so wide that it is convenient for you to do deep squats.

When squatting, the following muscles are involved:
Quadriceps (quadriceps femoris muscles)
Gluteus major
The adductor muscles of the thigh
Soleus muscles (shin)
Calf muscles

And when squats with weights work out also the muscles of the back and the breasts
So squats - the exercise is not at all isolated and not directed solely at the Buttocks: it is basic and it trains everything at once. Therefore, before performing it, it is necessary to do a warm-up to avoid injuries.
Squats effectively eliminate cellulite and improve the shape of the hips (on the hips do shallow squats). When doing squats 3-5 times a week, the results will be noticeable in a month. And the more squats you do, the faster your Buttocks will become seductive!

Bridge (pelvis lifts)

How to pump the Buttocks On the exercise of this exercise rely on the hands, then the load will be distributed evenly, and the vertebral department will not overextend. Lay down on the floor, stretching your arms along the trunk, bend your legs and push them as close as possible to the buttocks. Now lift the pelvis, making a bridge and straining the muscles of the buttocks. You can stay in this position if you feel the effect, for example, trembling. Do this exercise with a "ladder": 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 repetitions.

Ma hi back on all fours
The ma hi on all fours is a very useful exercise. Just stand on all fours and do the ma hi back, say, 50 one and 50 other feet per day. Effective will be the execution of the exercise "ladder": 3 sets of 15, 12, 10 repetitions For efficiency, you can put a dumbbell under your knee and raise your foot with it - just not quickly so as not to drop the dumbbell.

Makhi foot aside from a lying position on the side
Exercise helps to increase small and medium glottal muscles. Lay down on the floor on your side, prop up your head with your hand. After inhaling, lift your foot off the floor, leaving your knee straight. The leg should make an angle with the body not more than 70 degrees. Keeping the isometric effort, hold your foot, then lower it.

High chair
Pull your back against the wall and sit down, as if sitting on an invisible chair. Hold on like this for 30 seconds, then rest and do 2 more sets. Try every day to increase the time by 10 seconds.

Leg Breeding on the Simulator
The increased tone of the thighs gives them roundness, which visually advantageously narrows the waist. Exercise tightens and strengthens the muscles of the legs. To perform the exercise, sit on the simulator, inhale and maximally dilute the hips. If the back of the simulator is tilted back, the middle glottal muscles are more involved. With the vertical position of the backrest, the upper section of the gluteus maximus muscle functions. To cover both bundles of muscle, change the inclination of the back directly during the execution of the approach.

Rise of the hips
Lie on your stomach, bend your knees. On exhalation, lift your legs up, hold in this position. Do 2 sets of 15 seconds each.

Inclination in a cross
Stand up and cross your legs. Take dumbbells and lean forward, keeping your back straight. Then change the cross leg and repeat.

Rises with a bent leg
Lie on your back, straighten one leg and bend the other. In this position, lift the pelvis as high as possible, keeping the legs in their original position.

Zaprygivaniya on the hill
Find a stable stable pedestal about 30-40 cm high and jump on it. Make 4 sets of 10 repetitions. If this exercise starts to be given to you easily, pick up dumbbells or put on weight weights.

Squats with jumping out
Get up in the starting position, feet on the width of the shoulders, hands behind the head. Sit down to a corner of 90 degrees, then jump out of this position abruptly. Do 4 approaches 12 times.

Sumo squats
Spread your legs wide, expand your feet with the inner surface forward, squat from this position as deep as possible. Do 4 approaches 12 times. When the exercise begins to give you too easily, pick up dumbbells.

Dead lift
Stand in the position of "legs slightly wider than the shoulders," take a dumbbell or barbell and begin to bend down, giving the body forward, and putting the Buttocks back. Make 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
Doing this exercise, you should not replace the dumbbells on the bar. Dumbbells allow you to "feel" the muscles of the buttocks more clearly. The dead lift with the bar strains mainly the muscles of the back ex tensor, while the dumbbells force the hamstrings and glottal muscles to work.

Foot Press
Pressing the platform with your feet is an effective exercise on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. To increase the load on the gluts muscles, put your feet closer to the upper edge of the platform. To further increase efficiency, make the bench press one foot.

Hyper extension
Take the starting position on the appropriate simulator for hyper extension. Tilt down to an angle of 90 degrees, then return to the original position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Dead lift with dead weight on one leg
This exercise perfectly helps to form the buttocks. Stand on one foot, pick up the weight and make leans forward. When doing this, focus on reducing the glottal muscles. If the back hurts after performing the exercise - reduce the weight of the weight. Exercise should be performed only at the expense of the buttocks, and if the spin is involved in the exercise, then the weight is taken too large.

Impacts with a barbell
Do this exercise, try to lengthen the step - so you will more affect the glottal muscles than the quadriceps.

Glottal bridge with a barbell
In this exercise, hamstring and quadriceps muscles are practically not used, so it is most effective.

Contention for elastic priests:
Running or walking on a treadmill "uphill"
Running on an even surface tends, on the contrary, to reduce the volume of the buttocks.

Interval training
Prefer interval training with workouts at a measured pace. So fat faster "oxidize" and efforts to give your pope an ideal shape will soon be crowned with success.

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