How to make the belly most attractive?

How to make the belly most attractive
How to make the belly most attractive

It's easy - if you pick up effective exercises and make a good program out of them. For you - super program, with the help of which in just 1.5 months of simple exercises the belly will become flat and attractive.

Week 1
Exercise 1. For the direct muscles of the abdomen.
The starting position - lying on the back, knees bent, hands behind the head. At the expense of 1-2-3 lift the trunk, at the expense of 4 lower. Do 10 sets of 30 repetitions.
IMPORTANT! Do not grasp your hands in the back of your head (otherwise the muscles of the neck are trained, and not the press).

Exercise 2. For oblique abdominal muscles.
And so on. On account 1-2-3 trunk, directing it to the left leg, into account 4 - lower. Repeat the same in the other direction. Do 10 sets of 30 repetitions.
IMPORTANT! Follow the lower part of the spine - it should not sag, it should stick to the floor.

Exercise 3. For the lower abdominal muscles.
The AI ​​is the same. Raise the trunk and legs. Within 5 minutes, do "scissors" or "steps".
IMPORTANT! Raise the trunk and legs to a level that will provide the maximum tension of the abdominal muscles.
Week 2
All the same, only in the 1st and 2nd exercises the legs are not on the floor, but on the chair, bent at right angles.

Week 3
In the main complex, an important detail is added - at the top of each repetition, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the press very hard for 2 seconds.

Week 4
The main complex remains the same, only the exercises are done at the fastest possible rate. Ideally - without rest.

Week 5
Add weighting. Weight dumbbells (they need to be kept behind the head) are individual: for beginners - 0.5-1 kg each, for "middle class" - 1-2 kg, for advanced - from 3 to 5 kg.

Week 6
Fix the result, combining the nuances of the 3rd and 5th weeks.

Training mode - at least three times a week. Each lesson starts with a warm-up to prepare the muscles for work. Within 5-10 minutes, make the slopes forward-backward, left-right, rotate the pelvis in different directions, crouch.
At the end of the session, do stretching (this is especially important for beginners who are not accustomed to heavy workloads - without lengthening the muscles lactic acid accumulates, causing the effect of the strength, and you simply can not continue the course).

The 3 most effective stretching exercises
1. Lie on your belly. Leaning your hands on the floor, maximally raise the trunk.
2. The same, but stretch in different directions.
3. Lying on your belly, raise your arms to the sides and try to reach the opposite arm with your foot. And vice versa.

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