How to get rid the fatty layer from the bottom of the abdomen

How to get rid the fatty layer from the bottom of the abdomen
How to get rid the fatty layer from the bottom of the abdomen

Very many girls want to get rid fat from the bottom of the belly. Nevertheless, a small stratum in this part of the figure is completely natural for the female body. And a small "tummy" can act because of the weakness of the abdominal muscles. It is often advised to lift your legs in a prone position and make a "bicycle" to get rid of it.

However, in order to obtain a better effect, one must use complex motions that would expend a lot of energy. Only in this way you can rebuild the metabolism for fat burning, and reduce your problem area. Of course, you need to include both force and diet. So, let's get to work.

Get rid fat from the bottom of the abdomen: for beginners

Training will take about 10-20 minutes, you need to perform a set of exercises every day. To begin, take 20 slopes of the body forward to parallel the back with the floor. Hands can hang freely along the body or be fixed on the sides. Then, do 20 laps with your hips, pulling your belly in during the movement. Then perform a series of 10-90 jumps on two legs, simulating the movements of the jumper with the skipping rope. After this, alternate 10 jumps on both legs and one repetition of the following exercises.
Exercise 1. Vertical Scissors

Lie down on the floor of the palm, place under the buttocks, press the lower back to the floor. Raise both legs up at an angle of 90 degrees, then slowly lower your right leg down, leaving the left one in its original position. Return the right leg up, do the same with the left foot, do 20 repetitions of the exercise. Immediately stand on your feet and perform a series of their 10 jumps on two legs.

Exercise 2. "Climbers"

Take emphasis as for push-ups - palms under shoulders, legs on toes. Tear your right foot off the floor and bend at the knee. Quickly pull the knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Do the same movement with your left foot. Try not to cave in the lower back and do not stretch your buttocks up. Repeat the motion 20 times and proceed to the jumps.

Exercise 3. The fold

Sit on the floor, hands rest on the floor behind your back. Quickly bring your knees to your chest, twisting force of the muscles of the press. Movement occurs simultaneously, the body tends to the legs, and the knees to the chest. Returning to the starting position, the legs should be straightened, but they should not be put on the floor. Repeat the movement 20 times, stand on your feet and make jumps.

Exercise 4. Lifting the legs from the sitting position

Sit on a chair with a sturdy seat, gently straighten, pull the press, grip the edge of the seat with your hands, bring your legs bent at the knees to your chest. Do not tilt the body, work only with the muscles of the press. Do 20 lifts and complete the cycle by jumping.

If you are not a beginner, you can supplement this set of exercises with other muscle groups or with aerobic movements - running, jumping, exercising on an exercise bike or an elliptical simulator. In addition, try to avoid simple carbohydrates and saturated fats in the diet and not overeat.

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