How to behave properly with a man, making love, sex?

making love, sex

A man will never refuse to make love. Sex for a man is very important. Therefore, women are angry: they think that men need from them only sex. Yes, without sex, men are bad, but it's not their fault, but their physiology.
About physiology - not now. I would like to talk about how to please a man in sex, how to have sex with him.

What do men love in sex? 
In an intimate life, men are "gourmets." They are interested in everything that is associated with it: any poses, any "receivers", any innovations. It's a shame that women, very often, do not share sympathy for such "experiments".
Before telling how to make love with a man, I would like to "drop" a few recommendations for the fair sex:
1. Watch your appearance! For men, your appearance is "treasure." Appearance is the first thing that attracts men to women. Well, kindness, intelligence, responsiveness and other characteristics are "secondary".

2. Buy sexy underwear. Men "dragged" from the underwear, "blazing" with sexuality. Especially, they love thongs. The thinner the "strip" - the better.

3. Use perfume: men are not only kinesthetics and visuals. It is important for them to feel the fragrance of a woman. By the way, there are many different "feromonized" spirits (perfumes with pheromones).

4. Take a shower more often. A man baldeet from when a woman, all fragrant, goes, slowly, into his passionate embrace.

5. Do not talk in bed. In men, the body is not at all conversational. They are waiting for affection, tenderness and warmth, and not chatter, which, in "seconds of intimacy" - not in the subject.

6. Do not pinch a man, if he, at first, something does not work. When they are humiliated, they feel very uncomfortable, attributing this to a number of fiasco.

7. More often whisper about love to your chosen one. You can not imagine how important to him are your "quiet, but loud" words.

8. Do not ask, thousands of times, whether he is ready for intimacy (in terms of contraception). He may think that you do not want to be with him, but do it just for him.

What do men love in sex?
To avoid any quarrels and discontent - discuss everything in advance. Of course, impromptu and surprise is more pleasant than "planned". But leave surprises for the holidays, so as not to quarrel because of the "divergence" of intimate preferences. You, for example, like to make love in a missionary position, and your young man loves the "rider" pose. Let one of you just give in, postponing sex in another pose "the next night."
He's a fetishist, but do not you like the fetish in bed? Explain to him, in detail and without rudeness, that you have a slightly different view of the relationship. Do not understand - do not worry: he must understand that you can not force anything to do your favorite. The same applies to various other distortions, of which there are many. You have every right to refuse him, even if you are already his wife or bride.
He wants sex, but you do not? Well, so do not be afraid to tell him about it! In this your statement there is nothing criminal or unnatural. You are not a slave. You are a person who has his own thoughts, opinions and views.
He threatened that he would get a mistress? Well, and let him. Anyway, he, sooner or later, will understand that he was wrong, and he wants to return you, but the door to your heart and your apartment will already be closed.

How to make love with a man? How to behave in sex? How to behave properly with a man, making love, sex?
How to make love with a man? So, as you want, and he, and not the way only one of you wants. Not enough imagination - learn the whole "kamasutra": in it - there is much that is. It is a pity that not all of you will get to try. But, the attempt is not torture. Good luck with the experiments!
To avoid some "bed failure" - remember aphrodisiacs.
They are here:
1. Cardamom.
2. Basil.
3. Pepper (burning).
4. Honey.
5. Nut (nutmeg).
6. Saffron.
7. Mustard.
8. Bananas.
9. Caviar.
10. Blackberry.
11. Tea (green).
12. Ice cream.
13. Ice.
14. Olives.
15. Nectarine.
16. Spaghetti.
17. Roast beef.
18. Garlic.
19. The zedra.
20. Halva.
21. The dates.
22. Eggs (quail).
23. Yoghurt.
24. Mushrooms.
25. Cheese.

What about striptease and dance?

"Kindle" the flame of the night, that in it, before the time, do not burn. Monitor the situation in advance. And music is not an obstacle. Let it be melodic and calm music, not heavy rock, from which the walls shudder and neighbors go crazy.
Groans! They very "give birth" to men. Without them all the intimacy is "the emptiness of two bodies". Fill an intimate atmosphere, while making love, sweet groans.
Men, of course, like various negligee dogs, but they like it more when a woman is "dressed in her own body". Such "clothes" will not leave your life partner indifferent. And he himself, not at all, "boast" to you with his nakedness. Each man has his "advantage", which he can not wait to show his half. And if a half also appreciates, as befits, this is the most advantage - a man will be very happy. How little need for men for real happiness.

What do men love in sex?

 Men really do not like it when women, in bed, behave like "logs": try to show at least some kind of activity. Give, receiving much in return. This is true.
Do not blame a man that after a sexual act, instead of affectionate words, you will hear "breathing sleep": a man, after sex, needs time to recover. Wish him, mentally, the sweetest dreams and try to fall asleep yourself. Perhaps your "sleepyhead" will wake you up in the middle of the night to continue the "games of love" (in the good sense of the word).
Do not be discouraged if "pre-sexual foreplay" will be short: men are very impatient, therefore, such "pleasant antics" are given, often, a minimum of time. And the best places for ordinary embraces and kisses are parks, cafes, shops and similar establishments where the continuation of "romance" is not expected. In the movie "Adrenaline - 2" there is a scene where sex is engaged, not hesitating, right in the middle of the street. Hardly, an adequate man will repeat such a "feat."
Make love with feeling. The man very thinly feels "fake". Do not grieve him so that, suddenly, do not lose.