Herbs Tea For Quit Smoking

Herbs Tea
Herbs Tea

Tea for smokers If you want to quit smoking, brew in equal proportions two herbs:

Labrador tea marsh and St. John's wort pitted through 1 tbsp. Spoon on 800 g of water.

Boil 20 minutes on low heat, insist 3 hours and drink like tea, half diluting with boiling water.

This tea also reduces appetite, improves the functioning of the intestines, bladder and kidneys, facial skin (with prolonged use), the skin becomes soft, tender and clean. And, which is important for the smoker, - clears the pulmonary ways.
The color of the tea is ruby ​​red, very beautiful, has a delicate smell of ledum, which refreshes the air in the room, eliminates unpleasant odors. Welding from these herbs does not spoil for 3 days at room temperature. After standing, the tea becomes even more delicious.