Female training + Training program for girls

Female training
Female training

Women in gyms, sometimes even more than men. However, there is practically no information on literate women's training.

Let's start with the female motivation. Women's motivation is much stronger than men's.

"Motivation is the feeling by which a person can achieve the desired result for him"

Women very often limit themselves in various pleasures of life, in particular, in nutrition. And this is all in order to be more beautiful.

Why is this happening? In order to be successful in natural selection, one of the main factors is external beauty. From this we conclude that the female motivation in terms of improving their appearance is much stronger than the male.

The main feature of the female body is the accumulation of fat and nutrients - in reserve, in this it differs from men.
A number of major factors that affect the accumulation of nutrients.
1. The amount of hormones

Nor epinephrine and testosterone - these two hormones do not just form the appropriate physique, these hormones affect the central nervous system. They attach a certain aggressiveness. It is thanks to these two hormones that a man in training can achieve physical failure (this is when the muscles can no longer contract in the right form with the same weight). Refusal in bodybuilding is of great importance. When a muscle failure occurs during the exercise, this means that a sufficient amount of energy has been spent, there have been damage to the muscular structures, and therefore they will then grow.

Women can not train like this, and they do not have such a powerful concentration of hormones in order to train so aggressively. A woman almost always stops for a couple of repetitions to failure. It becomes hard for her.

Girls almost always fail in terms of refusal training, which is the main for the growth of muscle mass. It is these last 2-3 repetitions that decide everything.

2. Number of muscle fibers

In men, muscle fibers, structures that produce muscle contractions are much larger than in women. Therefore, for women, strength training in the region of 6 to 8 repetitions is extremely ineffective.

3. Distribution of muscles in the female body

In a woman, this distribution has a certain disproportion. Because all the strongest muscles are in the lower part of the body - in the legs and buttocks, and in many ways close to the male legs.

The top of the female body is very far behind the male indicators. Therefore, a woman can very easily progress in the lower part of the body, because there are more muscles. And it will be very difficult to add muscles to the upper body. Girls need to strain more to develop the upper body than men.

4. Speed ​​of metabolism

In the female body, the metabolic rate is significantly less than in the male. This means that every kilo gram of the female body consumes much less energy than every kilo gram of the male body. That is, a man can eat more food, and grow fat less than a woman. This is realized at the expense of muscles. Because the muscles are bigger and they can spend calories substantially more than women. Even during sleep, muscles consume a large amount of energy.

Many women know that it is undesirable to eat sweet, especially at night. Why? Because sweet is fast carbohydrates. Women's body is much easier to convert carbohydrates to fat stores than the male body. And only if the amount of fat in the body is excessive. On the other hand, this fat, which accumulates in women, is much easier to use as energy than men. There are many reasons for this, one of them is the birth of a child. Nature has taken care of the female organism to work as a perfect energy station. The female body constantly accumulates energy, fats, carbohydrates - in order to then these materials are very easy to give as energy.

The female body is much better at accumulating glycogen (accumulates carbohydrates) when they are needed if we compare it to the male body. This is the same accumulation theory. When there is no excess carbohydrates from food, then the sweet food you ate is much easier to turn into muscle glycogen than men. Your task is to make the carbohydrate that you eat, turn into muscle glycogen, and not go along the fat path. Women in this case have a good advantage, because your muscles absorb glycogen much better than the male body. And it can be used in the appropriate correct female training. There is the right female training, which leads to such accumulation.

5. Menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle imposes a certain cyclicity on physical activity, because the woman feels physical recovery and high performance in the first two weeks after her menstruation is over. She can train hard enough. But, on average, after 2 weeks, ovulation occurs. There is a very strong decline and the body switches to the mode of maximum energy saving. Regardless of whether the egg was fertilized or not. In any case, the first two weeks the body shows a high performance, the second two weeks the body shows a physical decline. This imposes a number of features, both on nutrition, and on women's training.

Training - should be facilitated (second two weeks). As a rule, it is better not to train the bottom of the body and the Breast at all. The load must be reduced.

Nutrition - the amount of carbohydrates (calories) also needs to be reduced, because it's 3 to 4 weeks, and they are the most dangerous to your appearance, the body will change.

Conclusion: The female body the first two weeks after the menstrual cycle is "strong", the second two weeks it is "weak" and tries to get fat. Therefore, it is very important to use sports micro-periodization during the women's training. Micro-periodization is when the load is given not linearly, but using a specific function with peaks and drops. Those. The peak should be given for the first two weeks - strength training for girls. The second two weeks should be given a recession - you need to rest. Many sports physiologists are sure that sports periodization is the main tool for maximum sports results. Nature itself has taken care of what the female body would use
Principles of periodization.

Fat burning in the female body comes from a low-intensity, long-term load. A load that lasts a minimum of 30 minutes, and preferably 50-60 minutes or more, and at the same time raises your heart rate up to 110 to 120 beats per minute. This is a fairly average figure, not to say even a low one. But it is in this mode, the maximum fat burning occurs, it burns fat, and not muscle glycogen or some other structure. In this regard, the female body is not very different from the male. In the male body, the same principles work - a low-intensity load of a long-term nature. Fat burning is one of the main goals of any women's ffitness training.

Most often, the main phobia of women, when they come to the gym, is that they are worried about the excessive size of the muscle mass on their body. Those. Fear that the muscles will become like men. And this is in vain. Because it is impossible to reach large muscles like men, without taking pharmacological preparations.
Often people confuse the concept of form - and the size of the muscles. These are completely different things.

The form is the mutual arrangement of the outlines of the muscles. The form is a genetic factor and it is impossible to change the shape of the muscles, as it was prescribed in your childhood since childhood, this way it will remain forever.

A few words about the specifics, a specific training program for girls. But, before we go to him, let's look at the split. The training program of a man usually contains such a thing as a "split".

What is split? Split is the cleavage of muscle groups on different training days. For example, today we are training: chest + hands, tomorrow we are training: back + shoulders, the day after tomorrow we train our feet, etc. Such training is very interesting if you use a refusal, and if your training is "forceful", because such training leads to massive damage to muscle fibers. Accordingly, in such a scheme, they need more time to restore their resources and you can again train on. Therefore, with this training, men are less likely to exercise - once every 4 days, or once a week. This is a very effective scheme for "refusal" training, which is why it is not suitable for women. A split woman does not fit, a woman must train the whole body in one workout. Because as a physiologically she is not able to train to failure and can not damage her muscle fibers as seriously as a man in training. Accordingly, women's fibers return very quickly after training, and very quickly they can begin to train again. If you train them rarely (once a week as men), then simply it will be an endless trampling on the spot, you will not achieve the desired result. In physiology, this is called - loss of acquired performance. First, the function is traumatized, then the compensation of this function to the original level, then there is progress, which is called supercompensation. If you are not re-training in the supercompensation phase, then the phase of supercompensation loss (the muscle will return to those that were before the training) will come and there will be no sense from such training.

A woman trains the entire body in one workout. Several of the largest muscle groups are selected, one or two basic exercises are chosen for each muscular group, and these exercises are performed in a large number of repetitions and approaches, so that we fulfill the rule of high-volume training, since high-volume training is truly effective for women.
Program for training girls for beginners

1. Twisting on the  press

5 - 6 approaches for the maximum number of repetitions

Rest between sets 30 - 60 seconds.

2. Squats with a barbell

5 sets of 15 repetitions

Rest between sets of 60 seconds.

3. Thrust of vertical block

5 - 6 sets of 15 repetitions

Rest between sets 30 - 60 seconds.

4. Pressing the bar with a narrow grip

6 sets of 15 reps

Rest between sets of 60 seconds.

5. Thrust rod to chin

6 sets of 15 reps

Rest between sets 30 - 60 seconds.

This training will take about 60 minutes. All exercises are multi joint (several joints are involved, several muscle groups in each exercise)
Program of training for girls of intermediate level of preparation

1. Supertet: Twisting on the press + leg rises without a pause

6 approaches for the maximum number of repetitions

Rest between the exercise in the super cell 0 seconds, after the super set 30-60 seconds.

2. Supertet: Squats with a barbell + dead lift on straight legs

5 double approaches for 15 repetitions in each

Rest between the approaches in the super cell 0 seconds, after the super set 30 - 60 seconds.

3. Super set: Draft of the vertical block + traction of the horizontal block / Draft rod in the slope

5 double approaches for 15 repetitions in each

Rest between the approaches in the super cell 0 seconds, after the super set 30 - 60 seconds.

4. Supertet: Pressing the bar with a narrow grip + lifting the bar to the bicep

5 double approaches for 15 repetitions in each

Rest between the approaches in the super cell 0 seconds, after the super set 30 - 60 seconds.

5. Supertet: Rod of the bar to the chin + dilution of dumbbells

5 double approaches for 15 repetitions in each

Rest between the approaches in the super cell 0 seconds, after the super set 30 - 60 seconds.
The training program for girls of a facilitated nature for 3 to 4 weeks after the menstrual cycle

1. Thrust of the vertical block

3 - 4 sets of 20 reps with lose weight

Rest between sets of 60 seconds.

2. Press lying narrow grip

3 - 4 sets of 20 reps with lose weight

Rest between sets of 60 seconds.

3. Thrust rod to chin

3 - 4 sets of 20 reps with lose weight

Rest between sets of 60 seconds.

4. Cardio: Exercise bike or treadmill at a slow pace 30 - 60 minutes.

Achieves heart rate of the order of 110 - 120 beats per minute. In this zone of the pulse, the fat tissue burns as much as possible, and even better it will burn after the power training for women, because you will spend part of the muscle glycogen and your body will have to switch from carbohydrate metabolism to fat.

You train 2 - 3 times a week.

When the menstrual cycle comes, the load can be eliminated altogether. A few days do not go to the gym. But, as soon as you have a period, and you are full of energy, you perform two hard weeks of training.

This scheme will be very effective for your progress in women's fitness, and in order to change your body for the better.

Many people ask how effective in terms of fat burning and figure are such kinds of sports women's training as: aerobics, shaping? The answer is not effective. Why? If you open the directory of energy costs of a person, it is easy to understand that the hourly load of aerobic character is the maximum that you can burn - it's 300 kilo calories. Most often, this is much less, because you will not be at a constant pace, you will have a change of some aerobic exercises, a change of regimes. But, for example, you came, and within an hour you were engaged and spent 300 kilo calories, let's say, you visit aerobics 3 times a week. 3 * 300 = 900 kcal. In the best case, 500 kilo calories you burn out of fat, and 400 of carbohydrates. The body, in the first place, always spends carbohydrates, but not fat, but, say, you really have spent so much fat. Given that one gram of fat is 9 kilo calories, and a gram of carbohydrates 4 kilo calories, then we get as a result of 50 grams of fat due to a week of intensive work in aerobic regime. You can get rid of 50 grams of fat maximum, and then, if you keep a tight eye on your diet.

Therefore, the power training for female fat burners is 10,000 times better than aerobic treatment. Why? The gym is much more effective than aerobic exercises, any cardio exercises for a number of reasons:

The more effective your muscles, the more they burn kilo calories. Even in a state of rest (during sleep).
After you have been exercising in the gym, the fat continues to burn quite intensively for a long time. The metabolism during the training in the gym is increased by 24 hours.
Power training for women (bodybuilding) allows you to manipulate the desired part of your body.

These three main advantages are more than enough to fully believe in the superiority of strength training, the advantage of the gym before aerobic female training.

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