Effective exercises for the feet.

Effective exercises for the feet
Effective exercises for the feet

1. It is necessary to stand up on your toes about thirty times, then roll from heels to socks for about forty times.

2. It is necessary to put a small ball between the knees and reduce the legs until the moment when there is a feeling of fatigue.

3. Standing with your back against the wall, then sink down to the level of the chair. Then you need to stay in this position and stand so much will allow the legs to be trained. When your legs are tired, you need to straighten up.

4. Sitting on a chair you need to lift your legs from the knee.

5. Standing next to the table, perform swings with your feet kicking back. Perform twenty movements with each foot.

6. The legs will become beautiful and slim after two months of continuous training with effective leg exercises.
If a woman's character is light and cheerful, she, as a rule, leads a stormy lifestyle. These women usually have a lot to do and the schedule often changes throughout the day.

With this way of life, the planned cases have to be changed several times a day. With this way of life, you can not go to fitness clubs. And do not have time and desire at home.

Such women are recommended to walk on stairs. If a woman stops using the elevator altogether, it will become an alternative to step aerobics.

After a month and a half walking, you get the result - beautiful and slender legs. Having a purposeful character, a woman is disposed to spend a large amount of her time at home.

If a woman feels proud, overcoming various difficulties, she will regularly perform the necessary exercises, and soon her legs will be beautiful and slender.

To start these effective exercises for the legs you need with a warm-up.

The number of movements should be increased gradually. After a while you can start doing exercises with the help of weighting agents for the feet, the weight of which is from one to one and a half kilograms.

1. It is necessary to stand upright, next to the support. Holding the right hand for the support, you need to wiggle your left foot forward, while trying to raise your leg higher.

These movements need to be done forty times. The same number of strokes you need to make with your right foot. Over time, you need to increase the number of strokes up to eighty times.

2. Then, standing at the support, you need to do forty strokes sideways. Perform movement forty times with each foot.

3. Also holding on to the support, you need to perform thirty strokes with your left and right foot.

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