8 Steps to the ideal breast!

 ideal breast
 ideal breast

Step 1:
We sit on the edge of the couch, hands rest on the sofa and straighten the legs in front of you (not touching the floor) and begin to bend your legs to yourself and straighten it back and so 20 repetitions !!!

Step 2:
We lay down on the floor (on the back), head against the sofa, hands clinging to the edge of the sofa and begin to raise our legs 90 degrees to the floor ... this exercise is repeated 20 times.
Step 3:
Without changing the position, we raise our feet from the floor and perform all the known exercise bike (legs on weight and as if we twist pedals) ... 20 times too. Did it? You can rest, but not for long 10-20 seconds.

Step 4:
Lying in the same position, we continue. The legs are bent at the knees, and we try to get our knees up to the chest .. while doing the swinging movements, to the chest and back to the floor. 20 movements!

Step 5:
We change position. Legs on the sofa, we ourselves lie on the floor on the back. Hands together and reach out to the knees and back. 20 times ..

Step 6:
We change position. We return to the position from Step 2, hands hold the sofa ... stand on the "candle" and perform the legs with the flexing movements up and down as if with our feet we leave and catch the ball. 20 times. We rest for 10-20 seconds.

Step 7:
Lay down in position (Step 5) on the back, leg on the couch, hands behind the head and alternately to the left then to the right do twisting movements that would be left (right) hand was as close as possible to the right (left) leg. 20 times.

Step 8:
After that, hands together in front of him, without changing the position, we do the same thing, only now we get our hands on the right for the left leg ... .20 times.

8 Steps to the ideal breast! That's all that is required to get the breast of your dreams!

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