3 ginger tea recipes for immunity

 ginger tea recipes
 ginger tea recipes

The benefits of ginger are known from old , we choose you three ginger tea recipes for immunity
1. Mint tea.
Necessary ingredients:
* Water (boiling water) - 1 l .;
* Fresh grated ginger - 2 tsp;
* Green tea - 1 teaspoon;
* Dried mint powder - 1 tsp. (If fresh - better);
* Sugar, lemon to taste.

How to cook:
1) Grated ginger we put in the kettle, we add tea and mint.
2) This mixture is poured with steep boiling water, covered with a lid and let it brew. After 10-15 minutes you can drink, adding sugar and lemon.
2. Tea antidepressant.
Necessary ingredients:
* Boiling water - 200-250 ml;
* Tea (can be any, but better green) 13-15 leaves;
* Ginger 0,25 tsp;
* Honey (in tea with ginger in a very small amount, slightly !!!);
* Red pepper (spicy) or chili.

How to cook:
1) Brew in a cup and drink in small sips.

3. Morning tonic.
Necessary ingredients:
* Water (boiling water) - 200-250 ml;
* Ginger slices - 10-20 g;
* Mint, lemon balm or other herbs chopped - 1 tsp;
* Sugar, lemon to taste.

How to cook:
1) Put everything in a cup and fill it with steep boiling water.
2) We give brew and drink in the morning instead of coffee.
3) You are provided with a charge of energy and vivacity for the whole day.
4) I have such a recipe: 2.5 h.
5) Spoons of grated fresh ginger, a pinch of tea-green / mate / karkade - what more do you want, a star of badyan, a stick of cinnamon, you can carnations - for those who like, 0.5 lemon juice, pour boiling water 0.5L, 40 min.
6) Strain and add a spoon of honey when it is unheated
7) Wrap up in a blanket, include a selection of "girlish" films and drink a drink)

1. If you bought ginger more it can be stored in the freezer (more on this in the next post).
2. If you did not find fresh ginger, you can replace it with dry ground, but then put it half as much and boil over slower fire longer (15-20 minutes).
3. If during the cold you are treated with ginger tea, during cooking boil on a small fire grated ginger in water for 7-10 minutes with the lid open, you will get a wonderful expectorant drink.
4. If you want to drink a cool tonic ginger tea, then add to any of these teas (except Indian tea with milk and ginger) sugar, lemon juice, chopped mint leaves and ice cubes