15-minute training for beautiful hands

training for beautiful hands
 training for beautiful hands

Take small dumbbells of 3 or 5 kg and continuously perform all the exercises, making 15-20 repetitions in each. Make a minute pause between the approaches and start again. For one training you need to perform 3 rounds of the whole complex. To get the result, it is enough to practice only 2-3 times a week.

Dumbbell cultivation in the sides in slope

Take dumbbells, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and bend over to the floor. Make a slight deflection in the lower back, while the back itself should remain flat. Slightly bend your elbows and bring them out. During the breeding, the scapulas tend to each other. Bend dumbbells to the sides to the maximum height, keeping the direction of the elbows.
Lifting dumbbells to the biceps

Take the dumbbells in your arms and stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands slightly bend at the elbows, and the legs - at the knees, the back is straight. Roll your hands forward with your hands and, holding the body static, lift the dumbbells to your shoulders. Smoothly return to the starting position.

A fight with a shadow

Taking dumbbells, put your feet on the width of your shoulders and bend your knees. Lift the dumbbells to your chin and unfold your hands with your hands to each other. Pull the left hand to the right shoulder through the parallel with the floor and return to the place. Repeat the exercise with your right hand. This is one repetition.

French bench press

Take dumbbells in your hands and lie on the bench, your feet stand on the floor, feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Lift the dumbbells above you and take them by the head (approximately 110 degrees). Hands at the same time turn to each other. Bending your arms in the elbows at a right angle, lower the dumbbells on either side of the head. Return to the starting position.

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