Clean the body in one day

Clean the body in one day
Clean the body in one day

Stage number 1.
The whole day we drink purified or thawed water. You can add lemon juice and honey to the water. Drink a glass of clean water before each meal.

Stage number 2
We buy at the pharmacy Milk thistle - a plant that speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, cleans it and has a beneficial effect on the liver. Drink a decoction of milk thistle 2 - 4 times a day.

Stage number 3
It is enough to eat a dessert spoon of flaxseed during breakfast, and you will improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Even better, if you soak the flaxseed the night before. The resulting viscous mass, after eating, will gently envelop the mucous membrane of the intestine, which will improve its peristalsis.
Stage №4
After 20 minutes after each meal, drink green or herbal tea. This tea normalizes blood sugar levels, soothes inflammation in the stomach, and also cleanses the liver and kidneys. It is desirable that the use of green or herbal tea is included in your daily habit.

Stage №5
Energy Salad.
To prepare it you will need:
- 200 g of broccoli;
- 120 g of green peas;
- 40 g. Of avocado;
- 20 g of sunflower seeds;
- 100 g of fresh cucumber;
- 50 g of brynza;
- 50 g of green mint and parsley;
- lemon juice;
- olive oil.

Preparation: Grind the ingredients and mix well, season with olive oil and lemon juice. Salad ready! This salad contains salts of folic acid, which will help restore energy balance.

Excuses of many girls and women about the sport in their life

Excuses of many girls and women about the sport in their life
Excuses of many girls and women about the sport in their life

- You only live once!

"I have a wide bone!"

- Healthy food is expensive!

"I have a bad metabolism!"

- Everything is useful - what's in your mouth!

"A heart attack can happen from running!"

- The child did not eat - do not throw out the same.

- I like my husband, I asked!

- You are lucky - you are slim by nature!

- A good person should be a lot!

"Men are not dogs, they do not throw themselves at the bone!"

- You can eat anything you want, most importantly until 18 00!

"It's better to swim in the waves than to fight against the rocks!"

- You need to love yourself and accept what you are!
- You can not shake a girl with a bar! Do you want to have no children?

- I do not have time for sports at all - work, family and children!

- I have everything in the family full - genes! Against nature you can not trample!

- You will go to the rocking chair, podachaeshsya, and you'll look like a man!

"I'll take care of myself soon!" In a month, for sure! It's just a session / blockage at work.

"Aunt Val ya also sat on a diet, and what?" Now a stomach ulcer! To me my health is more expensive!

"It's easy for you to say, you have no children!" And I gave birth to two! Here you will bear - then I will look at you!

How to Pulled the muscles (strain,relax)

How to Pulled the muscles
How to Pulled the muscles

During the training it is important not only to strain the muscles, but also to properly relax them.

Pull the gluteal muscles

IP: stand on your left knee, get your right foot behind your left leg.
1) Carry out the inclination of the trunk with simultaneous focusing on the forearm. Fists pointing up.
2) At the end point of the movement (the lowest possible slope), hold for 30 seconds.
3) Slowly return to the IP. Do the exercise the other way.

We pull the popliteal ligaments and tendons

IP: sitting on the floor, the right leg is straight and stretched forward, the left leg is bent at the knee, the foot rests against the floor, hands in a free position.
1) Grasp the right hand with your right foot.
2) Hold this position for a few seconds.
3) Relax and return to the IP. Do the exercise on the other leg.

IP: on his knees, his hands rest on the floor, his right leg is slightly stretched and laid back.
1) Grasp the right arm with the right hand in the ankle joint area.
2) Press it to the gluteus muscles. Hold for 30 seconds.
3) Return to the IP. Do the exercise on the other leg.

IP: sitting on the floor, legs bent at the knees.
1) Grab your hands under your knees.
2) Round the back and maximally lean back, the head is directed towards the chest. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the IP.

IP: sitting on the floor, rest with hands behind, legs extended forward.
Put the heel of your right foot on your left toe. Stop at yourself. Feel the tension of the gastrocnemius muscle. Return to the IP. Do the exercise on the other leg.

Golden rules that every girl should know

Golden rules that every girl should know
Golden rules that every girl should know

Take it to the wall Golden rules that every girl should know, so as not to forget

- fat is not the belly is not burned during when you are working on the muscles of the press. The press will be, but under a layer of fat. So the stomach will even increase in volume. So that fat burns on your stomach, pull it all the time and strain your muscles.

- best of all from the hips help mahi, from calves - stretching, from the legs - walking

- so that the muscles swing beautifully and not grow, like in the case of a pumping, do 2-3 times a week and
Be sure to stretch after training

- in the morning on an empty stomach 2 glasses of water, you can with a lemon, after 10 minutes 2 spoons of olive or linseed oil (to have the right fat in the body, for the breast and save the menstrual cycle). You can also eat a green apple. It also helps if you get drunk.

- After 10-15 minutes - breakfast. It should be dense and full, in order to give a signal to the body that it is time to wake up, and also provide energy for the whole day

- I do not have to drink food and after eating another 40 minutes do not drink anything! This slows down digestion, leads to heaviness, expands the walls of the stomach.
- eat more often, but in a small way. Ideally, to disperse the metabolism, you need to eat 5 times a day every 3 hours and at the same time (so that the body gets used and works better)

- Baths and saunas do not burn fat, only remove water from the body, which returns after 2 hours.

- do not eat after six - cliché. There is no need for 3-4 hours before bedtime.

- after 16 - only protein food. Carbohydrates in the second half of the day are converted into fat.

- The contrast shower is a panacea for everything. Increases blood circulation, correspondingly, metabolism is accelerated, cellulite is smoothed, and also the complexion improves and will power appears. Forward to new habits!

- Chew your food carefully, slowly and thoughtfully. Again, to disperse the metabolism. Do you know why some people eat a lot and do not get fat? Metabolism is good! This is also the secret of French women - they do not hurry during meals and never snack!

- The feeling of saturation comes after 20 minutes, after you've eaten enough. Imagine,
How much you can eat in 20 minutes! So be slow with food.

- Turn food into torture. Sit with a straight back, without a TV / book, use all the instruments, serve the table according to all the rules! Imagine that a guy is sitting in front of you! And if you're completely seasoned, try eating naked in front of a mirror!

I wanted to have a snack, but it would not be necessary? Do 20 sit-ups, 50 jumps! Take a fragrant bathroom, go to the store and look at the clothes!

- Exercise every 5 minutes. You sit in front of the computer - went to press swung. In 5 minutes - has asked. And warmed up, and calories spent

- Sports do not want to eat for two reasons: physically - the bodies rastryasutsya, sweat, psychologically - wasting calories, you do not want to recruit

- Every hour drink on a glass of water (preferably in small sips - so useful). Turn it into an exciting process - add lemon, mint. Love water.

- coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, soda, fast food, chips, mayonnaise, sausage - your main enemies. Learn these words and associate them with cellulite and sides. Hate them!

- nuts, butter - useful, but in small quantities. It's a super-calorie food. So a handful of nuts, which are so easy to get carried away with, can make up the entire caloric intake of your day! So do not get carried away with oil, filling the salad. From this from 100 kcal there can already contain 200, 300, 500 ... 8 nuts a day, it is not necessary any more.

- potatoes - only not fried. If you really want to, eat potatoes in a uniform or at worst a puree.

- that in white, that in gray bread the calories are the same. So that without prejudice - accustom yourself to eat without bread or go to the rye

Do not drink tea, do not have such a habit at all! Only if separated from food. And without sugar, why do you need empty carbohydrates? It's pure poison. Replace it with honey.

- green tea - 2 mugs per day: soothes, helps to cleanse

8 Steps to the ideal breast!

 ideal breast
 ideal breast

Step 1:
We sit on the edge of the couch, hands rest on the sofa and straighten the legs in front of you (not touching the floor) and begin to bend your legs to yourself and straighten it back and so 20 repetitions !!!

Step 2:
We lay down on the floor (on the back), head against the sofa, hands clinging to the edge of the sofa and begin to raise our legs 90 degrees to the floor ... this exercise is repeated 20 times.
Step 3:
Without changing the position, we raise our feet from the floor and perform all the known exercise bike (legs on weight and as if we twist pedals) ... 20 times too. Did it? You can rest, but not for long 10-20 seconds.

Step 4:
Lying in the same position, we continue. The legs are bent at the knees, and we try to get our knees up to the chest .. while doing the swinging movements, to the chest and back to the floor. 20 movements!

Step 5:
We change position. Legs on the sofa, we ourselves lie on the floor on the back. Hands together and reach out to the knees and back. 20 times ..

Step 6:
We change position. We return to the position from Step 2, hands hold the sofa ... stand on the "candle" and perform the legs with the flexing movements up and down as if with our feet we leave and catch the ball. 20 times. We rest for 10-20 seconds.

Step 7:
Lay down in position (Step 5) on the back, leg on the couch, hands behind the head and alternately to the left then to the right do twisting movements that would be left (right) hand was as close as possible to the right (left) leg. 20 times.

Step 8:
After that, hands together in front of him, without changing the position, we do the same thing, only now we get our hands on the right for the left leg ... .20 times.

8 Steps to the ideal breast! That's all that is required to get the breast of your dreams!

7 unusual and effective exercises for the figure

exercises for the figure
exercises for the figure

This complex is difficult to perform only the first time. But if you do this kind of gymnastics every day, your figure will be noticeably better.

Board. Lie on your back and strain your abdominal muscles. Raise your feet a few centimeters from the floor and stay in that position for 4 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

The heel. The starting position is lying on the back. Keep your legs straight and spread them to the width of your shoulders. Put your hands in the lock behind your head. Lift your legs low from the floor and let go. Repeat 10-15 times.
Parachute. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs. Connect the knees and elbows together and strain the abdominal muscles. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Twisted scissors. Lying on your back, lift your right foot. With your left elbow, reach out to your raised leg. Do the exercise 10-15 times before changing legs.

Mermaid. Lie on your back, straight legs. Get one leg behind the other so that they cross. At the same time raise your head, trunk and legs, straining gluteal muscles. Hold in this position for 4 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Spider. Starting position: lie on your stomach, get up and put your hands on the floor. Raise your right leg so that it is above your head, and keep your foot straight. Hold in this position for a second, and then make a strong swing with your foot up and back. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times on each leg.

Lateral kick. Lie on your side with straight legs, get up and lean one hand on the floor to throw weight on your forearm. Raise your hips from the floor and wave your foot, which is on top. You need to wave as high as you can. Do the exercise 10-15 times on each side.

The program of proper nutrition!

proper nutrition
proper nutrition

Choose one dish from the offered.

7.00 -7.30 1st breakfast - steamed oatmeal with grated apples, cinnamon and honey, light omelette with herbs, 2 curd with yoghurt sauce, cottage cheese with sour cream, buckwheat porridge with 1 tomato.

9.00- 9.30 2nd breakfast - any 1 fruit, yoghurt without additives, 2 eggs, vegetable juice.

11.00-12.00 - time to have a bite - baked apple with cottage cheese, a glass of yogurt, fruit salad, seasonal berries.
13.30-14.30 - lunch-vegetable soup, cream of zucchini soup, vegetarian borsch, vegetable stew plus chicken, mozzarel salad with tomatoes, any lean meat with vegetables.

16.00-16.30 - time for a snack, green apple slices, cucumber strips, greens, grapefruit slices, fruit salad, handful of almonds.

18.00-18.45 dinner - boiled squid rings, chicken, turkey, fish, mussels, shrimp, salads, vegetables, vinaigrette, ragout.

In a day we drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. Coffee can not be more than one cup a day, but we prefer tea.

15-minute training for beautiful hands

training for beautiful hands
 training for beautiful hands

Take small dumbbells of 3 or 5 kg and continuously perform all the exercises, making 15-20 repetitions in each. Make a minute pause between the approaches and start again. For one training you need to perform 3 rounds of the whole complex. To get the result, it is enough to practice only 2-3 times a week.

Dumbbell cultivation in the sides in slope

Take dumbbells, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and bend over to the floor. Make a slight deflection in the lower back, while the back itself should remain flat. Slightly bend your elbows and bring them out. During the breeding, the scapulas tend to each other. Bend dumbbells to the sides to the maximum height, keeping the direction of the elbows.
Lifting dumbbells to the biceps

Take the dumbbells in your arms and stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands slightly bend at the elbows, and the legs - at the knees, the back is straight. Roll your hands forward with your hands and, holding the body static, lift the dumbbells to your shoulders. Smoothly return to the starting position.

A fight with a shadow

Taking dumbbells, put your feet on the width of your shoulders and bend your knees. Lift the dumbbells to your chin and unfold your hands with your hands to each other. Pull the left hand to the right shoulder through the parallel with the floor and return to the place. Repeat the exercise with your right hand. This is one repetition.

French bench press

Take dumbbells in your hands and lie on the bench, your feet stand on the floor, feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Lift the dumbbells above you and take them by the head (approximately 110 degrees). Hands at the same time turn to each other. Bending your arms in the elbows at a right angle, lower the dumbbells on either side of the head. Return to the starting position.

5 exercises for the inner thighs

exercises for the inner thighs
exercises for the inner thighs

To feel yourself "Miss bikini" in the seaside resort, you need to start training now! We offer you 5 different exercises for regular execution, which will help to achieve good results.

- Lie on your side, arms crossed in front of you. If uncomfortable, put your hand under your head.

- Press your fitball down and slowly lift it up.
- Perform in 3 approaches 15 times.

- Stand exactly, legs wider than shoulders, socks to the sides. Hold dumbbells in your hands.
"Sit down and put your hands to the sides." Keep your hands parallel to your hips.
"Get up and put your hands down." Perform in 3 approaches 15 times.
- Lie on your side and scrape the upper leg with the bottom, touching the knee to the floor. Put your elbows on your arm.
- On the exhalation lift the lower leg, inhale and lower it. The trunk should be flat.
- Complete 10 times on each side.

- Stand exactly, legs together, raise your hands to the level of your shoulders, holding each one on a dumbbell.
- Sit down, pulling the buttocks back, ostensibly sitting down on a chair, raise your hands up.
"Go back to the starting position." Perform in 3 approaches 15 times.

- Stand exactly, feet together, holding in your hands 3-5-kilogram dumbbells.
- Take a big step to the right, holding your left foot evenly. Return to the IP.
- Perform 3 sets of 10 times with each leg.

Effective exercises for the feet.

Effective exercises for the feet
Effective exercises for the feet

1. It is necessary to stand up on your toes about thirty times, then roll from heels to socks for about forty times.

2. It is necessary to put a small ball between the knees and reduce the legs until the moment when there is a feeling of fatigue.

3. Standing with your back against the wall, then sink down to the level of the chair. Then you need to stay in this position and stand so much will allow the legs to be trained. When your legs are tired, you need to straighten up.

4. Sitting on a chair you need to lift your legs from the knee.

5. Standing next to the table, perform swings with your feet kicking back. Perform twenty movements with each foot.

6. The legs will become beautiful and slim after two months of continuous training with effective leg exercises.
If a woman's character is light and cheerful, she, as a rule, leads a stormy lifestyle. These women usually have a lot to do and the schedule often changes throughout the day.

With this way of life, the planned cases have to be changed several times a day. With this way of life, you can not go to fitness clubs. And do not have time and desire at home.

Such women are recommended to walk on stairs. If a woman stops using the elevator altogether, it will become an alternative to step aerobics.

After a month and a half walking, you get the result - beautiful and slender legs. Having a purposeful character, a woman is disposed to spend a large amount of her time at home.

If a woman feels proud, overcoming various difficulties, she will regularly perform the necessary exercises, and soon her legs will be beautiful and slender.

To start these effective exercises for the legs you need with a warm-up.

The number of movements should be increased gradually. After a while you can start doing exercises with the help of weighting agents for the feet, the weight of which is from one to one and a half kilograms.

1. It is necessary to stand upright, next to the support. Holding the right hand for the support, you need to wiggle your left foot forward, while trying to raise your leg higher.

These movements need to be done forty times. The same number of strokes you need to make with your right foot. Over time, you need to increase the number of strokes up to eighty times.

2. Then, standing at the support, you need to do forty strokes sideways. Perform movement forty times with each foot.

3. Also holding on to the support, you need to perform thirty strokes with your left and right foot.